The Northern Gateway

Benefits to British Columbia

Funding for education, hospitals and infrastructure

Northern Gateway will generate $1.2 billion in tax revenue for British Columbia and $4.3 billion in labour-related income over the next 30 years. Over the same time period, the project will contribute more than $300 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product.

Immediate economic opportunities

With a capital cost of $6.5 billion, Northern Gateway will create over 3,000 construction jobs and 560 long-term jobs here in B.C. The $32 million per year earned will benefit individual families and communities. Property tax revenues will increase by $36 million annually.

$1 billion in benefits for First Nations

First Nations and Métis communities were offered equity agreements giving them a 10% stake in the pipeline. In addition, $300 million in estimated employment and contracts adds up to $1 billion in total long-term benefits for Aboriginal communities and businesses.

The Northern Gateway Pipeline will bring significant and long-lasting economic and social benefits to British Columbia and all its citizens. Benefits that exceed the level and nature of the risk borne by the province.

Source: Northern Gateway Pipelines