Expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline benefits all Canadians

We’re in this together

We all have a stake in getting the pipeline expanded. As citizens, we’ll benefit from the jobs and increased revenue it will bring. And as owners of the pipeline, we’ll profit from our investment. That’s why all Canadians need to work together to get it built. We can’t lose out on the jobs, profit and vital funding for roads, schools and hospitals.

We’re all in this together. Every Canadian benefits from a strong energy industry in Alberta, and every Canadian has an ownership stake in the Trans Mountain Pipeline. So it’s doubly important we get the pipeline built, to create jobs and revenue for governments, as well as make a profit from the public investment the federal and Alberta governments have made.

The bottom line: the Trans Mountain Pipeline is in the national interest.

We all suffer because Alberta is reliant on one customer — the United States — for energy products. It means we’re forced to receive a lower price, which means less money for health care, schools, roads and public transit across Canada. That’s why we need to get Canadian energy to Canadian tidewater through an expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline.

After one of the most exhaustive environmental reviews in Canadian history, the federal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion because it is in the national interest. Trans Mountain will create tens of thousands of jobs, ensure Canadians get fair value for our oil in international markets and help keep us moving forward on our climate change commitments.

It’s also why the federal governments purchased the pipeline with Alberta’s support, to make sure it is built after receiving lawful federal approval. For Canada to keep working, we need to ensure projects in the national interest can’t be delayed or prevented by extreme voices in one province. By owning the pipeline together, we have an even bigger shared stake in getting it built on time.

Canadians agree. I hope you agree, too, and will lend your voice to the many who think Canada is more than a concept. We’re a country that needs to act in the national interest, because we’re all in this together.

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