The Peace River Valley

  • BC Hydro is trying to build a huge dam that would put this entire area under water forever.
  • Does this make sense to destroy farmland that can sustainably feed over 1 million people?
  • Flooding 107 km of river valleys will drastically reduce habitat for many important species.
  • Why destroy a place like this to provide unnecessary power instead of investing in renewables?

from This is what the Peace River valley looked like before Site C dam – Film



The Site C Hearings

The energy from Site C is not needed. After 28 days of hearings and review of 28,000 pages of documentation, the Joint Review Panel concluded that BC Hydro has failed to prove that we need Site C. Further, they emphasized that because there are significant adverse effects, justification for the project must rest on an unambiguous need for the power.

The Real Site C Hearings
Peace Valley Environmental Association

Site C is going to cost us money – a lot of money

“BC Hydro currently estimates that Site C Dam will cost $8.8 billion and “projects losing $800 million in the first 4 years of operation.”
Report of the Joint Review Panel, Site C Clean Energy Project, BC Hydro, May 1, 2014 – PDF

BC Hydro in court to keep Site C expenditure details from public.

Alternative sources of power would be more cost effective.

“Energy economist Dr. Marvin Shaffer conducted significant research on the viability of Site C and has concluded that there are far less expensive alternatives to Site C.”

Assessment of the Need for and Alternatives to the Site C Project
Marvin Shaffer, 2013.11.25 PDF

What is the business case? What is the economic argument? What is the story? What story are we creating?

How is it that the largest infrastructure project in the province’s history has turned into one of the least covered stories in modern times?
Ian Gill – Site C Questions