My Observations

When we are considering our investments we are all interested in the business case , or at least we are in the economic world. We are all interested in knowing what return we are getting or imagine we could get from our investment, and sometimes we are interested in the risk associated with the possibility or probability of realizing the contribution to our economic interests and and the benefit to our economy and sustainability.

We are one economy. We are one community. Each community contributing to and benefiting from our economy is an economic enterprise and an economy. A sustainable economy is a sustainable community of economies with sustainable community enterprises and contributors.

Exploring the business case is how we determine or how we could determine whether to invest our resources in an enterprise and what enterprises we could contribute most to our economic benefit and our economy, – our resources, our contribution, our relationships, and our sustainabity

We are not exploring the business case and the economic argument in our investment decisions, we continue to invest in business and economic enterprise without exploring the contribution to our economy in real or imagined value, and we are not investing in exploring the business case, the economic argument, and the contributions to our economy of other creative enterprises.

 My experience

Vancouver Stock Exchange – imagining profitability
City of Vancouver – strategic allocation of resources
BC Place Stadium – economic analysis and contribution to our economy from our investment
BC Place Corporation – securing our resources
Hoover Company Limited – make or buy

Opportunities to explore

Our community children
Our natural resources
Our energy resources